Specialist Internship


Date and duration

A twelve week internship is part of the B.A. program. It should comprise 396 hours, which is equivalent to twelve 33 hour working weeks.

If you enrolled in the winter semester of 2015/2016 or later, the internship takes place at the beginning of the sixth semester (from March until May).

If you enrolled in the summer semester of 2015 or earlier, the internship takes place in the fifth semester (beginning of December until the end of February).

If for some reason you cannot complete your internship within these time frames please contact the internship officer.

Admission requirements for the internship

To be admitted for the internship you have to prove 120 credit points from the four prior semesters. If you are missing very little credit points you can request exceptional admission, but if you are missing more than 12 credit points please postpone your internship until you have passed all the necessary modules.

Internship contract

After you have found an institution for your internship you will have to make an internship contract with the institution to ensure the conditions and agreements. It also provides HTW with information on your internship.

You can either use 

The contract needs to be received by HTW before the beginning of the internship. You will need three copies, countersigned by the internship officer – one for HTW, one for the institution and one for you to keep.

Application for an internship

Also, you will have to hand in the application for an internship— the Antrag für das Fachpraktikum [DOC]  prior to starting the internship. It needs to be filled out, signed and approved by the internship officer. This application concerns the matter between you and HTW and is later going to be crucial for verifying your course assessment.

Internship certificate and internship report

To verify your successful assessment of the module you will have to hand in the following documents to your internship supervisor after completing your internship:

  • Your application for an internship with the confirmation of the institution
  • An internship report (about ten pages) in which you describe your tasks and the institution in its entirety as well as emphasize your position within the framework of activities

You can find further information on writing the internship report  in the Ordnung für die Durchführung des Fachpraktikums .

Accompanying seminar

For the duration of the internship, according to the module timetable, an accompanying seminar is taking place. Please attend this course (module B38.2) in personal agreement with your internship supervisor. If your internship takes places outside of Berlin you are excused from these meetings.

Finding an internship

Content and aims

The internship should be completed in a different institution than the pre-study internship. At least one of them should take place at a museum.

Ideally you will look for an internship position that concerns your field of interest and that provides a concrete task.

For example:

  • Creating an object inventory/ research

  • Co-Curating/ co-designing an exhibition

  • Planning an event

  • Working in public relations

  • Guiding artists in a gallery

  • Creating marketing strategies

    The wide variety of museums in Berlin and Brandenburg usually makes it easy to find an internship position.

Institutions to be considered for an internship

  • The Berlin State Museums (Staatliche Museen zu Berlin)
  • Institute for Museum Research
  • German Museum of Technology
  • Academy of the Arts
  • Collection of Industrial Design at Kulturbrauerei
  • Jewish Museum Berlin
  • Berlinische Galerie
  • Stadtmuseum Berlin
  • German Museum of History
  • German Film Archives
  • Regional museums
  • Schwules Museum
  • DDR Museum
  • German-Russian Museum Karlshorst
  • Memorial Hohenschönhausen
  • Art Galeries



  • Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg

  • Potsdam Museum

  • Film Museum Potsdam

www.museumsportal-berlin.de. provides an extensive overview of Berlins museum landscape

More opportunities

Of course you are also free to do an internship abroad or in other regions of Germany. The International Office at HTW can help you with questions on financing an internship abroad.


Can I extend the internship?

You are free to do that, but keep in mind that during this time you will also have to organize the necessities for writing your Bachelors thesis.

What can I personally gain from the internship?

An internship enables you to practice your theoretical knowledge. In the best case scenario it is going to help you determine which way you want to go after your studies. Also, working practically can give interesting ideas for the topic of the Bachelors thesis.

Can the course administration help me find an internship position?

Usually students are asked to find a position themselves. You can find possibilities in our Internship Search.

Do I need liability insurance?

If you want to get one for potential damage, you will have to take care of that yourself.  HTW does not arrange insurances for you.