Professions and career options

Working in collection departments and documentation

Handling cultural artifacts responsibly is a central task in many museums, and there often is demand for action regarding modern means of documentation as well as meeting international standards. Also, temporary exhibitions often bring about new formats whose implementation requires your assistance.

Museum Management and Communication

Over the recent years the role of museums in societies has shifted and brought about new challenges that need to be addressed. More and more museums are actively engaging with audiences and turning towards their needs. Increasingly, skills are required in the fields of Museum Management and Museum Education, the innovative use of media, effective public relations and prolific fundraising. These responsibilities make working in museums more diverse and demanding.

Two important traits: flexibility and mobility

Many museologists start out working in temporary projects. Therefore you should always be flexible and mobile. Attributes of high value on the job market are practical working experience through internships, student jobs or contracts for services, as well as skills such as resilience, decisiveness and foreign languages. Basic knowledge of finance, marketing and sponsoring can help to top off your profile. Freelance employees are also becoming increasingly more important in the museum job world.   

Employment opportunities all over the world

Berlin and surrounding Brandenburg offer a one of a kind variety of museums. Because our course is designed to be very practice oriented it offers great opportunities to establish connections to future employers. In Germany 6000 museums and exhibition venues are providing employment opportunities, and worldwide there are countless times more.

Master´s degree as an additional qualification

Here at HTW the M.A. program Museum Management and Communication offers you the possibility to expand your knowledge even further. Furthermore many more universities in Germany and abroad offer M.A. programs with an emphasis on Museum Studies.